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Case Study

Erica is 51 years of age, she is married with 2 children and also has another child from a previous marriage.

She is a geologist and has been working for gold mining companies around the world since graduating from university.

Erica is engaged as an independent consultant with her current company earning $115,500 per annum.

Erica has a house and bank account in the UK but other than a small life assurance policy has not received any financial or professional advice.

She currently saves £20,000 a year and does not pay tax in the UK or in the Ivory Coast where she is stationed
Her father left Erica and her sister an estate of £900,000 earlier this year which is currently going through probate.

Until her father’s death Erica had been spending around 9 weeks in the UK
When she retires Erica plans to divide her time between the UK and a holiday home in France.

Based on the information shea provided we would strongly suggest that she completes stage 2 of the Tax Health Check. It would be wise for her to take professional advice to put her affairs in order and assets in to Trust while she is working outside of the UK. She should also check her tax position with regards to paying tax in the UK and Ivory Coast.


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